Ashish Mehta, Chief Mentor of AshMehta & Associates, conducts workshops according to the ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’ that he has formulated and promulgates. The trainings are based on his books.  At the beginning of the training workshops, in each module, the science behind these Principles are explained. The blending of the Principles along with the various modules is the highlight of the Ashish Mehta workshops.

Continuous Guidance, throughout Life…

As with trainings you might have been witness to where the relationship between the trainer & trainee ends with the training class, Ashish Mehta brings about a sea of difference – Every participant would be given a Participation Certificate, which would carry a Candidate Registration number. Quoting this unique identity number, the candidate would be free to be in touch with AshMehta through email for further guidance, throughout life.


The modules of workshop trainings undertaken are:
  1. Manifesting Thoughts effortlessly

    This module would be ideal for all above the age of 18

    Duration: Full day ~ 8 hours
  2. Manifesting Soft Power Management

    This module would be ideal for all in the Managing profession

    Duration: 5 to 6 hours
  3. Manifesting Impressive Public Speaking and Presentation skills

    This module would be ideal for corporate executives as well as individuals from various spheres of life.

    Duration: 5 to 6 hours
  4. Manifesting Smooth Transitions… Adolescence to Adulthood

    This module would be ideal for adolescents, young adults, as well as parents (Workshop Trainings begin after release of book)

    Duration: 5 to 6 hours


What would the training workshops be all about?

The training workshops Ashish undertakes are based on his books. Thorough training, discussions and explanations of the subject in synchronization of the ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’ would be conducted.

What are the ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’?

The ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’ are 7 steps of understanding. Thoughts, ideas and wishes manifest in the Metaphysical and Physical worlds based on these 7 Principles. Once you learn and imbibe the teachings, you would be able to live fuller, happier, more content, more prosperous and more successful lives.

The ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’ is to do with the Metaphysical realm, but synergizing it with corporate or life trainings is unheard of. What is the success rate?

Putting into practical day to day use and extracting maximum benefits of the “Principles of Manifesting Thoughts” is what Ashish Mehta wishes to spread. Most training remains about principles/ theories/ ideas, but the issue is of the students being unable to manifest the same into their lives and work. The teachings would benefit you to the extent of teaching you how to be one with the essence of manifestation. And success is what you attract as a natural outcome of the knowledge and practice.

What is the medium of teaching?

The medium of teaching would be brick & mortar workshop training sessions. All modules with direct interaction and learning from Ashish Mehta is the USP.

A major complaint heard is that after a workshop, at a later time, when people have questions and doubts, they are unable to clarify the same with the trainers. To ensure that this is never the case here, students will get to directly interact with Ashish through email for life, to be guided and taken ahead to experience a beautiful life. This is the second USP.

Who Benefits?


You want to be part of a group, but are not being accepted? You are studying very hard, but your teachers are not impressed by you, but another student? You feel your parents and seniors give more importance to your siblings, than they give you? You are under tremendous peer pressure, but don’t know how to ward off the pressure, as you don’t feel you should adhere to the same?

Entry level executives:

You wish to be accepted into the Organization’s group, but are not being able to make a dent in. You wish to come across with a keen sense to learn, but your boss is not impressed. You know you have a brilliant idea, but your presentation of the same fails to impress your seniors.

Mid Level executives:

You know you have it in you, but somehow the client’s prefer dealing with your colleague instead of you. You have high aspirations as well as the capabilities, but your appraisals are not up to the mark. You are a team player, but are not recognized. You have it in you to be a team-leader but at the appropriate time are not able to garner respect from your colleagues.

Senior Management:

You feel your subordinates although in awe of you do not like or respect you inwardly. Somehow, in spite of all those years of experience, it just does not work for you in the race for the top spot in the Organization. Your man-management skills should have been better, giving you a wholesome feel, but it is not so.


You have been successful in your work, however you feel somewhere not all things are in sync of how you would want them to be. You admire great brains like Kautilya, Narayan Moorthy and Warren Buffet, but feel there is something lacking which does not allow you to be as successful. There are some inherent fears which do not allow you to take risks or somewhere down the line, some things just do not seem right.

All of us:

There are so many insecurities and fears we all have, but we don’t know how to overcome them. We want better relationships & lives with our families but feel that we are stuck in muck. We want to prosper but somehow or the other we remain in the same position as before. We are constantly in poor health and in spite of medications and regular exercise, we are just not able to get better. We have habits which we know are not good for us and our families in the long run, yet we are unable to get out of them.