The Principles

  • The first Principle of Manifesting Thoughts states that whatever your dominant/ habitual/ believed thoughts are, you will attract similar experiences into your life. “Energy follows thought”.

  • Thought forms laced with any particular emotion, manifest in the hue of the emotion. Thoughts with positive emotions beget positive manifestation and vice versa.

  • As thought forms embed and grow, whatever thoughts are produced by our conscious mind, verily move between our Conscious and Subconscious. This is the reason our personalities reflect our thoughts. Our personalities are a reflection of our Subconscious.

  • The Universal Consciousness which encompasses all is the strongest, vastest, and purest form of energy known. It is present in and controls all activities, including the movement of galaxies. All wisdom, knowledge, inventions, prosperity, etc. are contained in it.

    Our Subconscious is a part of the Universal Consciousness. It is the inter-connect for our Conscious mind and is also the storehouse of habits, memory and karmic records.

  • Thoughts created in the Conscious mind are realized for us from the Universal Consciousness, by our Subconscious. The three Consciousnesses are like one egg inside another, yet inside another, with the Universal Consciousness being like the outer-most and biggest egg.

  • One good deed begets ten more and similarly one bad deed begets ten more. Karmic manifestations are magnified in nature. Be aware and be responsible of your karma.

  • Whatever thoughts laced with emotions and beliefs are created by our Conscious mind, our Subconscious begets similar magnified experiences from the Universal Consciousness. This is Manifestation of Thought.