Manifesting Thoughts Effortlessly

Being able to manifest what one wishes for is nothing short of magic. But do all wishes or rather, do most wishes actually manifest?

Have you ever observed or followed how scientists take utmost care, before launching a rocket into space?  They leave nothing to chance. And scientists take care to eliminate all possible reasons for the failure of the event. Similarly the ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’ are a Science and nothing can be left to chance.

What are the reasons for many a wish not manifesting? Is it one reason or the permutation-combination of many more?

The most important reason for non-manifesting of wishes has never been revealed. Here is what this book reveals to you, so that one does not leave things to chance; and is not only able to manifest wishes but ensure, it is done so responsibly and permanently.

The ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’ as promulgated by Ashish Mehta, reveal to you the How’s and Why’s of the Law of Attraction through this book. This is a once-in-a-lifetime book, which will help open your mental horizons to a host of answers you always were searching for.

Apart from just Manifesting Thoughts Effortlessly, this book teaches you in a step by step method about a) Thought Forms & Thought Management; b) The energy world; c) Breathing, Visualization and Awareness exercises; d) Meditation on Gold; e) The Law of Attraction; f) The secret behind Prayers and blessings as well as Jinx, Habits and Addictions; g) The Law of Karma in relation to the Law of Attraction; and h) How to live happy, healthy, successful & prosperous lives and relationships.

Beyond it all, tips to effectively use thought forms are gifted.

Wish you happy reading and happy manifesting.