Manifesting Soft Power Management

Soft Power is ‘attractional’ power. It is the power of cajoling others into following and working on the path shown by you. It is partly motivational. It is partly inspirational. It is partly out of love. It is soul-stirring. It is mentally rousing. It is emotionally moving. It is encouraging in nature. It generates a passion to work, in your favor. Your subordinates or team members whom you lead are obsessed by your ideas. They behave zealously towards ensuring that your idea is a huge success. It is sort of crazy behavior - all to make your idea succeed. THAT is wielding soft power over your colleagues and subordinates.

This book is about imbibing attributes of Soft Power in one’s personality, which has been observed to help, guide and mould even managers with mediocre abilities into successful leaders. The disposition of every individual is different. The biggest challenge faced by every Manager or Team-Leader or Head of Department, is to optimally make use of and better the resources at hand and extract the best output. Apart from having sound knowledge of his or her subject the success of the manager depends on the virtue mentioned above. In this book, we will not only discuss these human and managerial virtues per se, we will learn how to effectively manifest these into our behavior, our professional and personal lives.

Ashish Mehta imbibes fresh management lessons synergized with the ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’, which are thorough and long-lasting, through the effect of working on the subconscious. A manager who wields Soft Power has to have the correct demeanor and personality, must have the ability to mentor himself or herself first. Personal equity; behavioral influence; communication channels; micro managing; innovating ideas; humility and approach; moral authority; constructive criticism; listening abilities are just some of the topics one would find in this book.

This book is also about understanding how power, success and prosperity can be earned through the use of techniques such as focusing, awareness, visualizing; and meditation. Knowledge which will run deep in your veins as well as stand you in good stead throughout your professional career and thereafter too.