Manifesting Smooth Transitions… Adolescence to Adulthood

Teenage, adolescence and youth are phases that are perhaps the most beautiful in any individual’s life. Yet, for many, this becomes a period of turbulence, turmoil, confusions and many more such feelings. It does not necessarily have to be so. There is no Correct Approach. It has to be a Personal Approach. Each one has to find his or her own way. We are individuals, born with the right to think and act freely. Yet there are views of Others, which many a time, try and push us in Their paths. Sort of Cloning us as per them. Or do We Prefer to be cloned due to our own sense of security? Ashish Mehta’s book for the youth is not only for the youth, but also for the parents. Parents who feel strongly about their own values and experiences; and wish to hand them over to their children. No doubt, they wish to do so out of love, yet are they mentally fluid enough to understand the young minds? Are their well-meaning intentions, misinterpreted and create friction with their sons and daughters? Young people of this age have concerns and worries. They are gathering their own personal experiences every single moment.  Many are sweet, yet, too many are bitter. Human minds and hearts have as many concerns as to fill an encyclopedia, yet a humble take on just a few, is discussed upon in this book. Concerns such as Self Identity; Self Worth; Social acceptance; Peer pressure; Friendships; Challenging accepted beliefs; Networking; Depressions; Emotional turbulence; Mood swings; Temper tantrums; Suicidal tendencies; Generation gap; Independence; Career decisions and Life goals; Family related issues; Pressure to choose sides; Rights and responsibilities; Fighting parents; Study tips and a host of other concerns. To be non-sermonizing about these concerns, yet showing the road to freedom of thought is what this book works upon. And such thoughts with clarity and discernment come only when the mind is still. The ‘Principles of Manifesting Thoughts’ as promulgated by the author, along with the Meditation on Gold; will help the reader to walk his personal path to free and discerning thinking.

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