Manifesting Impressive Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Have you seen brilliant individuals such as Doctors or successful Entrepreneurs go weak-kneed the moment they are given a microphone to speak just a few words? On the other hand, ordinary people without any great merit to their credit go about talking to hordes of people, without even batting an eyelid; being as convincing as one can be.

Well some do have the gift of the gab, as an inborn talent or charm. But what about the rest?

‘Fear’ of publically expressing one’s thoughts, takes away the joy of sharing great ideas - from both the listener’s as well as speaker’s viewpoints. Secondly, small nuances, once imbibed do a world of good to one’s confidence and delivery. This dual approach of extracting and eradicating one’s fears as well as naturally honing one’s inborn skills is what you would manifest, from this easy to imbibe book.

In a novel way, never explained before, Ashish Mehta takes you on a journey of understanding your own subconscious to extracting and expunging your fears as well as identifying your strengths and patting them to glory.

In this book, you would not only be explained and shown the path to succeeding at Public Speaking and Presentations at your work place; you would be first introduced to how your own subconscious plays the greatest role in this endeavor - in both success and failure.

You would come to know of the Energy world; the roles Thought Forms play in this realm; the Law of Attraction playing havoc so subtly, yet with deep impact. How using Breathing, Focus, Awareness exercises, and being guided through Visualization ideas you would learn to attract peace, hence removing fear. The Meditation on Gold will then be gifted to you to manifest this peace into sublime joy, which is such a big pre-requisite to strengthening and delivering your ideas in the most heart-touching way possible.

The basics of speech, preparation of subject matter, the practice of oration, the opening and closing of speech as well as the expressions; preparing seating arrangements; subtle moves; eye contact in various situations; handling of situations where one goes blank on the ‘next’ topic; are just a few of the things you would learn to face in this book.

So, here’s wishing you enough courage to make a change - as to how you face the world and succeed, and how it perceives you as a successful speaker. It all lies in you training your subconscious with the knowledge and skills.